Every learning experience begins somewhere. Financial Literacy is one of the most talked about topics in the media today. Mostly indicating that the general public are sorely lacking in the area.

Many Canadians live paycheck to paycheck with no savings. Others do not pay down their credit card balances on time nor their full balances. The prior can decrease living standards later in life and the latter expends money unnecessarily on interest.

Banks can help you with their advisers but banks are also businesses. They care about making money for themselves as well. Therefore, it’s important for Canadians to know that what they are signing into with these banks aligns with their own interests.

Annual tax returns must be filed for all peoples over the age of 18. With the huge number of forms it’s not exactly comprehensive. Assuming the average Canadian’s income sources don’t vary too much from employment income, this could be a very simple exercise so long as you learn the basics.

Skills in these areas and more are important to function more effectively in modern society and FinLitMe hopes to be your go-to resource in your learning.

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